Wednesday, February 3

More Winter Fun!

We were all bracing in NWA for what everyone thought might be another Ice Storm from 2009. Don't get me wrong, I love a good snow, but I REALLY did not want our electricity go out again. We lucked out this year and our electricity stayed around! We did get about 1/2-1" of ice and about 6-7" of snow. It was beautiful and amazing sledding weather! On Saturday, we hopped in John's jeep (4WD) and went sledding with some friends at a local school. Most of these pictures are courtesy of Brooke Robinson who sat at the bottom of the hill taking amazing photographs of our kids playing! My girls had a blast and so did I! John was with us too although he never made it in a picture. :)

Molly and Emma getting some air!

Despite my expression, I was having
a blast!

These 3 (Molly, Emma,
and Elle) are so fun

My sweet baby girl
LOVES the snow!

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