Tuesday, January 26

Brooklyn's 1st Visit to the Dentist

Brooklyn visited the dentist (Dr. Rhodes) for the first time today and did AMAZING! Emma (although traumatized at age 3 at the dentist) really made the dentist sound fun for B. Brooklyn woke up excited this morning talking about going to the dentist and getting a new toothbrush. They needed 4 xrays and she did great until the 4th and then the gag reflex kicked in. It scared her. We will try for that one next time. She was awesome laying there getting her teeth brushed, flossed, poked, and painted. Way to go B!

Emma had an appointment too and she also did great. You never know with her. They both were cavity free, which is one of the few appointments for Emma that she has not had a cavity.

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Erica said...

Good job girls! I need to take Norah soon.