Tuesday, March 2

Emma's First Art Show

Emma's art class is divided into three sessions a school year and she just finished the second session (her first session to take). At the end of each session, the teacher holds an art show at a local restaurant where all the students work is displayed. They can price their art to sell as well.
This all took place last Friday night and it was really neat. I LOVED seeing all the other students art. The ages range from 3 years old to adult and there was some amazing stuff. Emma was so proud to see her art hanging on the wall and loved showing it to those who asked what belonged to her. They even had biography pages with a picture next to their pieces. So professional! These pictures are from my phone so they are not great. I will have to add the pictures from John's camera later.

Congratulations Emma! We are so proud of you and the way you are using your creativity that God gave you!

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