Tuesday, January 19

Fun Weekend

Brooklyn was sick all last week, so we were happy that on Friday she felt better and we could get out of the house and enjoy the weekend. Both of the girls had separate birthday parties to go to on Friday night, so John and I divided and conquered.

On Saturday, I worked the Bridal Event with my sister in law and niece. It was a long day of standing on our feet, but the three of us had a great time together. The day makes for great people watching and great fashion tips. John had the girls for the day and he planned a fun day for them. They met Finley and his kids for donuts at Rick's first thing. They ate and then went to the Cake Walk to watch them make the cakes.

John took the girls to Barnes and Noble and the Pet Store and then back home for lunch and naps/quiet time. After they rested for a bit, he took them to Lewis and Clark (an outdoors store in NWA) to climb the very large climbing wall. Emma had done this before a few years ago and Brooklyn had never done it. I love that you can go and do this for free! I'm a little sad that I missed out on watching the girls do this, but luckily John took video! (I tried to upload the video, but the file wa to big) Emma climbed to the VERY top and rang the bell and Brooklyn went about 1/4 of the way up. Emma was about to give up at one point, but he reminded her of the Happy Meal he had promised and she did it. So proud of her!!! I met up with them at McDonald's for dinner and we celebrated her achievement. ;)

John had Monday off for MLK, as did Emma. With a little warmer temperatures, we hit the trail with bikes and scooters. We rode down to the pond at the hospital to feed the ducks. Belle was with us and she was going crazy. She loves to chase birds and when we say the word in the backyard, she runs like crazy around the yard. It is a fun game. We decided to take her off the leash to see what she would do. FREEDOM! She ran like crazy around the pond and into it many times. This was probably cruel of us to do to the ducks, but we knew she wouldn't get them. Belle will go into water until it hits her belly and then she's out. It was fun! We left there and rode to the park and then headed home for lunch. We ended our day by taking the girls to see the Chipmunks at the theater. It was a hit!

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