Monday, January 18


As most of you know, John has taken up photography in a pretty serious way. I love seeing him have a hobby that he enjoys and to be honest, I LOVE that he loves to take pictures of our family. His favorite thing to shoot is landscapes and anything that gets him outside in nature.

He took on a 365 day Photoblog Challenge for the year of 2010 and he has taken some great shots. You can look back at some of his pictures from January and also follow him through the rest of the year.

This is one of his shots from today when we took Belle for a stroll and encountered some ducks along the way. Poor ducks. Happy Belle!


Anonymous said...
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Sydney said...

Ummmm... WOW! I knew John was good, but those pics are awesome!
Are you still using your rebel or did you get a better camera? How do you do all of that?? So fun!
You are welcome to come down to TX anytime and take pics of my 4 little ones :)