Friday, September 18

Labor Day Weekend

John and I were able to get away for a weekend alone over Labor Day weekend. We went to Dallas to hang out together, shop and see some friends. The girls got to spend the weekend with Nana and GDad in Mountain Home and had a lot of fun too. It was a refreshing weekend for the two of us!

John and I started our road trip on Friday afternoon and arrived in Dallas right around 7:30. We drove straight to Chuy's to meet our friends Nathan and Melissa for dinner. We had a great meal and even better conversation. Although John works with Nathan's brother, we rarely get to see N8 and Mel. So fun! The only bad part about the night was that we did not get to see their little ones.
John had enough points built up from his work travels to get us a free room, so we stayed in a hotel on Friday night. We were able to sleep in a bit and casually get ready for our day. The best part was that I only had to get myself ready, not 2 other little girls. :) What a treat! We made our way to Bread Winners Cafe for breakfast. YUM! John and I split a huge omelet and were full until dinner that night. After breakfast, we shopped, shopped, and shopped some more. We also drove around Highland Park looking at houses. The houses were huge and beautiful, but the prettiest thing about that area are the trees. Big mature trees line the streets and it is quaint. We also shopped at two architectural salvage shops and they were fun. They had so many neat lights, hardware, plumbing fixtures, medicine cabinets, etc.....Our purchase was a phone niche for our house that hopefully we will get to build sometime in the near future. (our cute house is still for sale and the price has been lowered)

On Saturday evening, we headed to Arlington to visit my fun friends/roommates at Baylor. We went to Sydney and Chris' house first to visit and drop off our stuff. We spent the night with them on Saturday night. Syd's sweet parents kept all 4 of her kids so that John and I could stay with them at their house. So nice! We all met up with Holly and Doug at Moni's, which is an Italian place that we ate at last time we were in town. John had been dreaming of their rolls and alfredo sauce and wanted to go back. It was so good, but most of all AWESOME company. I love those sweet friends so much and love when we get to catch up in person. The best thing about our friendship is that we are able to pick up right where we left off. We headed back to the Chamber house and talked until really late. You might wonder about John in all of this Baylor reunion stuff. As most would suspect, he has made friends quickly with the spouses. Chris and John stayed up late watching YouTube videos and laughing. I'm not sure there was ever a lull in their conversation.

We woke up on Sunday morning, got dressed and headed to breakfast with Syd and Chris at La Madeline. John's one request for the weekend was to visit Fry's Electronics and that we did! It was so overwhelming to me, but a taste of heaven for John. We then drove 45 minutes to IKEA and spent the next few hours there. It was overwhelming as well, but so fun. We took a few pictures for our house wishlist, shopped, and ate lunch in their cafe. We spent about $30 at IKEA and $15 of that was spent on a treat for the girls. A new easel! One side is chalkboard, the other is white board and you can attach a paper roll too. $15, seriously??? The girls have loved it!

From there, we headed home and returned around 8:30 PM. We slept great in our quiet house and in our own bed. We went to meet John's parents around 11 the next morning to get the girls. It is always so fun to get away as a married couple, but also so great to be back as a family. The girls had a lot of fun. Besides putting Brooklyn to bed, I think it was fun for GDad, Nana and Grace too. They went down to the lake on Sunday and GDad snapped this cute picture of all the girls!


Sydney said...

Well, it was a treat having you guys- come back ANY time. Although, I am pretty sure it is our turn to head up there!

Melissa Darby said...

I agree! Come back :) So great to see you guys. We love you!

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