Tuesday, September 29

Craft Day

Wednesday and Friday are both days that Brooklyn and I spend hanging out at home. We go to "exercise class" both of those mornings at 8:30, but are back by 9:45.

Wednesday has been declared our craft day. Brooklyn's school does a letter and number a week, so I have tried to add to that on Wednesdays by doing a craft with the letter. Last week, was "B", so we painted Brooklyn's name. I wrote her name with white crayon and then she painted with watercolors over it. Once she started painting, her name showed up. I thought it was WAY more cool than she did, but oh well. She got to play with watercolors and she was happy.

Have I mentioned that I am loving my time with B? She is talking non-stop and saying the cutest things. Her little voice melts me.

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Sydney said...

Please come to my house and have craft day!