Thursday, September 17

Skippyjon Jones

My friend, Jayme, told us about the Skippyjon Jones books about a month ago. She highly recommended the CD's that come with them at the library. I got online to check our library for the availability and I was able to reserve 3 of them and they all came with the CD's that read the story to you.

This series of books are the funniest children books I have read in a LONG time and we read a lot of books around here. The books are 100% better when read to you from the CD. The author reads it so well, accent and all. The stories are about a Siamese cat that wants to be a Chihuahua and they are hilarious! Emma and I just listened to one together and were both belly laughing.

We have already re-checked these books once and I'm sad that we will have to give them back in 4 days. I have a feeling they might be wrapped up under the tree this Christmas, so that we can always have them. Check them out!!


jaime said...

sarah mcgooden already gave baby miller 3 skippy books! so fun!

Whitney said...

You can find the paperbacks for a great price through Scholastic. Just fyi. They are some of our favorites and I buy extras to give as b-day gifts.

Sarah said...

We love Skippy! Like Whitney said, I think we got all of ours through Scholastic...even the board books.