Tuesday, August 25

Mother Daughter Date

My good friends, Jayme and Brooke, both have little girls. Elle, Molly and Emma were born within a month and a half together and they have been best little buddies from day 1. In honor of them going to kindergarten, we took them on a date. We ate dinner out in pretty dresses, made cookies, watched a movie and spent the night over at Jayme and Molly's house. It was a fun night and one that I hope can become a tradition. They are all at separate schools, but our prayer is that God will keep their friendship strong.
Brooke blogged about our day too and since she took the pictures, I will link you to her blog to check it out.
Here is a picture of the three of them a year ago and then the one from a few weeks ago.

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kate said...

So sweet! Emma is so blessed to have them as friends! I am praying God will bless Olivia and Annika like that too when we move to TX. They haven't made any great friends here (besides Caroline and Ava- but they are gone for 2 weeks!) b/c it is hard to become friends with parents. It is so hard knowing every day they want to play with someone and there isn't anyone. It really is such a huge blessing for you and her to have all of those great friends! God has poured it out on you guys! Yea! Brooke did an excellent job with the pics. They are so beautiful!