Thursday, September 3

B's Prayer

Emma learned the "slugbug game" from her friend, Davis, and now whenever she sees a slugbug she gets so excited and keeps track of her points during the day. The whole game has caught on in our family. In fact, today, after dropping B off at her school, I passed a slugbug and without thinking said outloud to myself, "SLUGBUG!"

I explain all of this as a preface to Brooklyn's prayer this morning. B is really talking (Praise the Lord) and I am in complete awe of how cute her voice is and all the cute things she notices and points out to me now. I love it! She has been wanting to have her turn praying on the way to drop Emma off at school, before dinner, and going to her school. She always prays for all of us, her friends at school (specifically Alyssa whom she loves), her teachers, her school, etc....This morning as she was praying in the car this was the last sentence of her prayer:

(imagine all of this in the most precious 2 3/4 year old little girl voice)
And God, let Emma see a slugbug today. Amen.

PRECIOUS! And as John said, "Such a little prayer with such sweet intentions behind it." She wanted Emma to get her points for the day. :) Love it. Love her.


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Anonymous said...

Whenever we saw a slugbug all we got was a light punch from the other kid that's all I remember about those growing up it would be like who saw it first and say it first and whoever said it first got the first whack.


Sarah said...

Did Emma see a VW that day?!