Monday, August 24

Brooklyn's First Day

Brooklyn started school today and she is going to a new school this year. Emma went to this Kid's Day Out when she was Brooklyn's age and I loved it. I was excited that it would work out this year for us to go back there. Not to mention it is so much more convenient than where the girls were last year.

She will be going on Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays will be my day to get stuff done around the house, run errands, and volunteer at Emma's school. On Thursdays, I will be working for this lovely lady, who just so happens to be my sister in law. I'm super excited to spend my Thursdays with her.

Brooklyn has been so excited to go to her school. I think all the hype of Emma starting school made her want to be a part of "this school thing" that everyone has been talking about. She was dying to leave the house this morning, but as soon as we got to her class, she wigged out. For the most part, Brooklyn has never had trouble separating from us, so it threw me for a loop. I eventually passed her off and waited around the corner until I could tell she had calmed down. (maybe 3-4 minutes) When I came back this afternoon, they said she had a great time and took a great nap. She talked non-stop on the way to pick Emma up and told me the highlights of her day. The highlight for her was seeing her friend, Alyssa (who was in her class last year and her little buddy), on the playground.

The highlights of my day were:
#1-going to eat lunch with Emma at school. She seemed so big eating in a cafeteria with all her friends. I was proud to be her Mommy as she introduced me to EVERYONE! :)
#2-picking Brooklyn up from school and hearing about her great day.
#3-picking Emma up from schoool and seeing her smiling face.
#4-having our whole family at home for dinner.


Sydney said...

Ummm... so very cute.
And I have to admit, I am still teary-eyed a little bit about all of this kinder talk. :)

Anonymous said...

With all that said john would of liked a little Red Wine & Chocolate Chip Cookies. "hint Red Wine for next time".