Wednesday, August 19

First Day Recap

I could hardly wait to pick her up from school! I got there early and then I waited for what seemed like eternity in the pick-up line. Guess I should get used to that! I spotted Emma sitting down waiting with her class and she looked exhausted. As soon as she got in the car, she perked right up. She had a great day! Praise the Lord!

Emma told me all about her folder that she brought home for me to sign, the rules of the class, the books they read, what games they played in the gym, and all about the awesome climbing wall on the playground. She also told me that she made some friends, but could not remember their names. She said she would ask tomorrow. :)

She really liked her teacher. I was able to quickly ask her teacher how Emma's day was and she said, "She had a great day. She is a very creative little girl." Creative is one of the best characteristics to describe Emma and it thrilled me that her teacher picked up on that in one day of being with her. I pray that she will help spur that creativity on more as the year goes on.

We got milkshakes at Sonic after school (thanks to Zia and family's giftcard to Emma) and drank them outside in the front yard. Amy, Grace, Luke and Isaac came by to visit and tell us about their first days of school and that was fun!

Before I knew it, it was time to make dinner, take baths and get ready for bed. It was a good day. Lots of tears from me, but lots of smiles too. I'm thrilled that she had such a fun day! I'm excited for her and I'm anxious to get involved in her school, so I can be a little fly on the wall. :)

Thank you to everyone who called, texted, emailed, and commented on facebook. Your prayers were felt. Keep them coming!


Sydney said...

What a great report! I know when they have a great time it makes it all more worth it.
Much love!

Anonymous said...

Allison, I'm so glad that you're Emma and Brooklyn's mom. You have such a precious heart! I love you--Nana

windyday said...

Hey Reed did learn to read somewhat. Basic skills. I thin it depends on the teacher you get. I felt like we had some makeup work to do this summer. It is surprising what they can learn!