Monday, July 20

One on One Time

My sister will turn 40 tomorrow, but I was able to celebrate with her and Terral, my parents and a few of their friends last Thursday night. Brooklyn and I went down to LR on Thursday afternoon. We went to dinner that night (and Cathy and I shared a sitter) and then the next morning Terral and Cathy left for Memphis while Claire stayed with my Mom, Brooklyn and me at Cathy's house. We had a great time! Claire still takes 2 naps, so during her morning naps I got to take Brooklyn swimming in the backyard. It was awesome having the pool right there. It was so easy! It was great to do that with just her since usually my time at the pool is split between 2 girls. My Mom and I ventured out with both of the girls and went to a neighborhood park on Friday. Then headed home for both girls to take a nap. After naps, we played, gave them a bath and went to bed! That night, my Mom, B and I all slept together in a king size bed. Hillarious, but actually was manageable. Saturday was much of the same day. When T and Cathy got home that aftenoon, B and I headed back home. She is our late sleeper, so I took advantage and slept in until 8:30 on Sunday morning. She got up at 9 and we went to the grocery store quickly and were back home when John and Em got there! I loved my time with Claire and loved watching B and her together. They are only 15 months apart and will be best of friends growing up. I also think B likes the fact that she is bigger than someone! My time with B got me excited for the school year. It won't be long from now that B and I will be hanging out alone every day together while Em is at school. AH, can't believe its almost here.

Emma did a fun little Art Camp at the Nadine Baum Studio in Fayetteville last week. It was for 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon each day and they played with clay, painted, crafted, etc....She had a blast. Since her Art Camp was all week long, she was not able to go to Little Rock with me and Brooklyn. It worked out really well because it enabled John and I to have some good one on one time with each girl. John went to Emma's "Art Show" on Friday and then they headed up to Branson. They ate dinner out at Branson Landing on Friday night together. Apparently had a good time throwing their leftovers into the water to the ducks. John's Dad was in Branson at their condo, so they went back there to spend the night. The 3 of them got up the next morning and went to Silver Dollar City. John has been wanting to take Emma through the cave there, but we never could with Brooklyn in tow. It is just to much walking for a 2 year old. They did that on Saturday and Emma loved it. They rode a few rides and then headed back to the condo to practice snorkeling in preparation for our rescheduled Mexico trip in November. John said she did good, but really just wanted to swim normal, so they did. John's Mom and Grace came up to Branson that afternoon and they all ate dinner together. John ventured out that night with Grace and Emma to The Track to ride go-carts and play putt putt. (unfortunately, no pictures to document the occasion)
It was a great weekend for Emma and John. I love when we are able to have one on one time with each girl. I think they need it and we do too!

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