Wednesday, July 15

For Sale by Owner!!

We finally have the house sell-worthy and everything is ready to go! We have created a website for showcasing the house, which makes getting the news out much easier. Plus, being able to see color images helps a lot, too. And all our neighbors won't steal our flyers trying to see how much we're asking. Call it environmentally-friendly FSBO real estate. That's the way we roll, yo.

Anyway, the house site can be found here. Please share it with friends, family, or yourself to help us get the word out. Between the blog, Facebook, & Twitter, surely we can find SOMEONE to buy the house, right? Once we sell the house, we'll get a rent house and break ground on the new house in Harber Meadows! Rockin'.


Grace said...

Sadness! (cry cry cry) I won't live without you guys right up the street! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

That's a shame and you just had your kitchen re-done.


Sydney said...

I can't wait to hear all about your new adventure! the site looks GREAT!