Tuesday, July 21

Art Camp

Last week, Emma went to Art Camp at the Nadine Baum Studio in Fayetteville. It was from 1:30-4:00 each day and she loved it! It was a mixed medium class, so they sculpted with clay, painted, made sketch books, etc....For anyone who knows Emma, this was right up her alley. And for anyone who knows me, you know I was jealous that Em was getting to go to Art Camp and not me. :)
I was in Little Rock for their "Art Show", but John went and took pictures for me.

Emma's description of the island was this, "It is an island where the turtle and princess live. They also have a slide and a diving board."

The canvas is what they worked on all week. Each day they would learn how to draw the next part of the picture. At the end, they had drawn mountains, grass, trees, sunshine and the sky. Not bad for a 5 year old.

I did ask Emma what the red was (thinking parts of it kind of looked like blood) and she told me some were flowers and some were the apples on the apple trees. I should have known that!

As much fun as the Art Camp was on its own, I think it helped that all of these fun friends were there too!


Grace said...

FUN! Love the picture of all the kids! HAHA!

Sydney said...

Cute cute!! I was just thinking that you could run one of these camps!!