Tuesday, July 28

4th of July

I was determined to post this before July was over and I have barely made it. I still have our Mtn. Home Retirement weekend to post and that was in June. I am behind. My spare time during the day is spent balancing cleaning up and organizing our house to sell it and having fun with my girls.

We went to Branson over the 4th of July weekend with John's parents. We got there on Thursday night late and went straight to bed, so we could get up early the next morning and hit the parks. We went to Silver Dollar City Friday morning and stayed for about 3 hours. (Ah, the joy of season passes is that you don't have to feel guilty when you go for a short time) The crowds were surprisingly low, so we were able to ride the rides quickly. We also went to a magic show. We went back to the condo for Brooklyn to take a nap and the most unusual thing happened! Emma fell asleep on the couch! I say surprising because this girl gave up her nap when she was about 3 1/2 and has maybe taken 5 naps between then and now. (that's 2 years) 3 of those naps were at Disney World. It worked out great because we knew we would have a late night.

The girls (and us) woke up and we went to White Water. It was our first time there this summer and we had a great time. Emma went down her first "big" waterslide with me. At the end, she said she didn't like it, but just the other day she told me she wanted to try it again. We'll see. We stayed there until they closed and then had dinner at the condo.

John's parents watched the girls that night and John and I went to Branson Landing (along with everyone else in Branson that weekend) to watch fireworks and listen to some bands. It was fun, but I'm not sure the traffic back home was worth the night out.

On 4th of July, the weather was a little gloomy. Before the rain started, we went to a park to play. There is also a creek there, so we played around in that for a while. B took a nap and then we headed over to the swimming pool for a little while before dinner. Ate some yummy burgers and then went to a parking lot for John and his Dad to show off the fireworks they bought. Most of you know that I'm petrified of fire and fireworks are on the top of list of things I really really dislike. I sat in the back of the car and tried to keep my mouth shut. After the people next to us shot a rocket right past John's head, I insisted we pack up and leave. :) There were about 4 major firework shows going on that night. From the condo balcony we could see 2 of them. We had great seats and no traffic to get through at the end. Just straight to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Emma I never much liked the water slides in my lifetime I seem to somehow always fall off of them or sink the the tube when I was a kid tell her I stick to the waive pool and the lazy river.