Monday, May 4

Our weekend....

I have not blogged in ages and I'm not sure why. My spare time has been spent working on addressing some wedding invitations for a client, looking at beach condos for our spontaneous beach vacation that we are taking because our planned Mexico trip with John's family was canceled because of the swine flu, traveling to Little Rock for a 24 hour period of time, and taking care of my family. I guess I have not been on the computer much to blog.

John was able to go on a Men's Golf weekend to Branson this past weekend. I was really excited for him to get to do this. I know he had a great time hanging out with all the guys, but unfortunately the weather was not ideal for golf. Rain, rain, and more rain.

I invited (and pleaded) with my parents and sister to come for the weekend. I love having them here and it sure helps having family here while your husband is absent. We had a great time despite the VERY rainy weather.

We went to dinner at Mojito's on Friday night despite the threat of toranados in the area. No, we were not being stupid, we just didn't know!

On Saturday morning, we went to Rick's Bakery for breakfast. We love going there because the food is super yummy and the atmosphere is even better. You always see a family or two that you know and you can sit and watch them make the cakes. Claire had her first donut and it was a hit in her book. She kept signing for more. We went back home for a bit so that Claire could nap and then set out for Target. We got a few things for our trip and of course, added some popcorn to our healthy diet for the day. I took Emma to a birthday party while the little girls napped and then we fixed dinner at our house and stayed in for the night.

It was a fun weekend and I always hate telling them goodbye. I wish the 3 little girls could play together everyday!! (despite the look on Emma's face in the one picture that I took-she did have a great time!)

John did not get back until Sunday evening, so the girls and I had Sunday to ourselves. What do we do on a rainy day? Get wet inside! The girls washed all of their dishes from their kitchen at the big sink and then we had extra long bath time! We ended the day with Daddy coming home and us all going to Pizza Hut for dinner. Emma earned 3 free individual pizzas from a reading program at school, so 3 of us ate for free and we bought one pizza. Then off to Braum's for ice cream.


Milton said...

They are precious! Sounds like a fun weekend, even though our boys were gone. C had an awesome time even with all the rain!

Sydney said...

Fun to catch up on your life. The girls are all so very cute!

Miss you!