Saturday, May 16

Destin Vacation: Day 1

Sadly, this post should be titled "Cozumel Vacation: Day 1". However, since the WHO brought some good ol` fashioned fear mongering with that whole "swine flu" jazz, we postponed Cozumel and went to Destin, Florida instead. Downgrade? Yes. Regrettable, not at all!

The night before we left, the Tokar's called and asked if they could join us on vacation! They planned a vacation in roughly 4 hours, which is amazing! They got a condo at the same resort as us, so we planned on meeting there on Saturday.

We left Fayetteville early last Friday morning. We stopped in Little Rock for lunch and to watch Kris Allen (American Idol) perform at the River Market (we watched on TV...didn't want to fight the crowds with the kids). We then hit the road for Hattiesburg, MS, where we planned on staying the night.

Bullet-Pointed Recap of Driving to Hattiesburg:
  • Southeast Arkansas sucks. Bad. It's amazingly boring.
  • Mississippi sucks, too. Just sayin'.
  • My Blackberry stopped working as a Blackberry. Only a cell phone. It didn't take long to miss my data connection to the internets.
  • Looking at the map on Allison's iPhone (our ONLY map), we decided we would cancel our room and just drive straight through to Destin.
  • Allison's iPhone died shortly after Hattiesburg. We were blind-driving the rest of the way.
Unfortunately, we mis-read the map & distance. We were about 2 hours further out than we thought. So, instead of arriving at 11:00 PM, we got to Destin at 1:30 AM. The kids slept for about 2 hours (aka Power Nap). They were wired when we got to the condo.

The only good thing that came out of us driving all the way there was when we woke up, we could go straight to the beach! All in all, it was a great trip down. The kids were fantastic in the car, which helped a lot. Day 1 complete.

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Anonymous said...

That is why you need a GPS in your car incase your phone dies while your driving..