Wednesday, May 20

Naptime Craft

All Mom's with both preschoolers and toddlers know that there are some crafts that should just wait until the younger one is taking a nap. This one does not have to be because I'm sure Brooklyn would love scribbling away with some markers, but I saved it for Em to do while B was taking a nap.
I love this blog and get a lot of great craft ideas off of it. I saw this post this morning and immediately got my sharpie out to squiggle away on a piece of paper. I actually remember having a whole book of these squiggly things when I was little and I would spend hours coloring it. I know, I'm a coloring nerd. I showed Em the blog and then let her loose with her markers and squiggly page. She has been working on it for about 20 minutes now and is loving it. All you need is a piece of paper and some markers or crayons. Simple craft. Love it.

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Sydney said...

LOVE this idea! I remember that book too!!
I will steal this idea tomorrow.

Just saw your email- hope to write you back soon :)