Tuesday, May 19

Last Day of Preschool

John started posting our vacation, but has not finished. (we might end up posting the link to our Picassa pictures since all 5 of our days there consisted of the same beach/pool routine)
I'm interrupting to post about Emma's last day of Preschool. I can't believe it! In 3 short months, she will start kindergarten.

The last day of school consisted of a couple hours at school and then a Park Play Day at the park down the street. All the parents joined them at the park for a picnic and to watch them play. It was a fun day for everyone!
Emma has loved Mrs. Wardle and I have too. She is great with the kids and really, really loves them. I pray that E's kindergarten teacher loves her like she has been loved this year. Here is a picture of E and her teacher on the first day of school and then today at the park.

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kate said...

How sweet! Praying she will have a super teacher!