Thursday, May 21

Happy Peonies

Emma's last day of school was on Tuesday and Brooklyn's is today. E and I dropped B off at school and headed to the Farmer's Market. We could not resist these beautiful peonies. Not only are they SOOOO pretty, they smell awesome.
From the Farmer's Market, we went to eat breakfast at Rick's. We found a perfect seat in the "Cake Walk" and were able to eat our muffins and watch them decorate the cakes. I could have spent my whole day watching. When we got back in the car, my whole car smelled like peonies. It was great!
Emma is at a friend's house playing for a bit and I'm about to go pick her and B up. I should not be blogging (should be cleaning!), but I could not resist the urge to share my "happy" for the day.

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