Wednesday, March 18

Brooklyn's Potty Party

I just went back and read this post from July of 2006 and our fun potty party with Emma. I can't believe that the baby that was then in my tummy is now the one I'm potty training. Time flies!

Brooklyn started going potty on her own about 2 months ago, but we didn't push it. I wasn't ready to go full force with panties. She mainly would go in her pull up, but about twice a day she would find her way to the potty. Since our spring break is this week and a lot of our normal weekly activities are not going on, we decided to go full force today. With Emma, we went ALL out for the potty party and followed the book to a tee. With Brooklyn (second child and already pretty interested in going on the potty), we were not as prepared. I actually thought about not going through with the whole Potty Party, but John thought Brooklyn deserved equal treatment! :) (good Daddy!) John blew up some balloons last night and decorated the bathroom. I wrapped up our doll that goes potty and made a potty chart. Our party was beach theme so I threw some beach towels down in the living room.

Emma woke up and didn't know what was going on, but was excited. I explained what we were doing and how I needed her to be a big helper today and an encourager to Brooklyn. This big sister went WAY beyond the call of duty today. She was awesome and helped out so much. Brooklyn loves her big sister, so to hear encouraging words from her and get hugs for a job well done, she was in heaven. Throw in some Barbie stickers, fun treats, and new panties and she is ecstatic! Both girls wore bathing suits the entire day and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We worked on training the doll first and she was kind of interested. She became really interested when the doll (Katie) went poo poo in the potty (chocolate covered raisin snuck in!). Katie got stickers and treats (that B ate) whenever she went potty or if she stayed dry for a while.
A few hours later, we let Brooklyn open her new panties. She was so excited for big girl panties. She had her first accident about 20 minutes later and she screamed bloody murder. She hated that wet feeling. This was a good sign. She had another accident while we were outside, but I do believe she was on her way to the potty when it happened. She loved filling up her chart with stickers and picking her treat.

A MAJOR fit happened when it was time for her nap and I wouldn't let her wear her panties. I told her she had to wear a pull up, but she could wear panties over it. After 20 minutes of flailing arms, screaming, swatting, etc....she complied. The funny thing is that she stayed dry for her whole 3 hour nap. Not the first time she has done this, but awesome that today she did.
She did great the rest of the night. I think we only had one accident after her nap. The girls played outside while John grilled and I was in the kitchen. We ate dinner and finished our day with the official "celebration" for a job well done by B, which consisted of the girls decorating their own sugar cookies.

Strangely, I enjoy potty training. I had so much fun with Emma on this day and it was fun today too (we'll see how tomorrow goes!). It always reminds me how much I love having fun with my girls when I allow myself to let everything else (cleaning, errands, laundry, dishes) be set aside for a while.

I do recommend this book! I know it doesn't work for everyone and I believe strongly that the child does have to be ready. It is a fun approach to something that is often dreaded by parents everywhere.


Fourgiven Momma said...

That's great! We loved that book/method and it worked great for us. I'll definitely plan to do that with Cade when the time comes. I was exhausted by it, but it was definitely worth it! I remember the battle at naptime and if memory serves, I think I ended up letting Kyle wear underwear and he only had a couple of #2 accidents, but never #1. Anyway...I also love those days when I am reminded how much fun it is to be a mommy when other things slide and I just focus on the boys!

Mandy said...

yeah! so glad it's going well!

Amanda Whittaker said...

This is amazing! I spend too many hours of my day talking about potty training at work that I kind of forget I'll have to actually do it one day. This is a great example and so much fun for the girls. Can I please share this story??? My Pull-Ups client would LOVE to know there are Moms that make this is a fun big deal!