Tuesday, March 24

Potty Success

I am kind of sick of asking, "Do you need to go potty?", but it is paying off. Brooklyn completed her sticker chart last night and as you can tell, she is very proud. We have been out and about a lot, so she has worn pull ups quite a bit. She has kept those dry about 90% of the time and has told us when she needs to go.

We had little "rewards" mapped out on the potty chart. We have been to McD's for ice cream and play. We have been to the bakery for cookies and just yesterday she got to pick out a new dress up outfit. She kept saying, "dress, dress, dress, blue dress". We could not find a blue dress, but she picked out this beautiful purple one. It just happened to be the least expensive there, so John and I were pleased. The last reward on her chart was a trip to Fun City. We are trying to figure out a time to go do that. It will probably be next week

John had bought B a Dora Cell Phone on Thursday and told her that when she went #2 on the potty, she would get a special gift. We got home on Friday night from eating dinner and she did it. And she was so excited about the phone! It slept with her that night. She went #2 again at church for me on Sunday. Hooray!

You are probably thinking, "Wow, lots of rewards!" There have been, but it was needed and successful. All in all, worth the $30 that we have spent on rewards.


Megan said...

Yeah, and just think how quickly you'll get that money back in what you save from not having to buy pull-ups anymore!

It's good to hear that this can go well, but I am incredibly frustrated with my experience w/Jackson so far.

Jackson has still not mastered this thing called potty-training. He just turned 4 and I decided this week to take the pull-ups away entirely. I worry that it might be kind of harsh, but after just a few tears he's been very proactive in telling me when he needs to go. I know he can do it, he just needs the crutch taken away.

I feel like I've failed him in this, but I know there's grace and I can always do better with the next two :).

Jill said...

Taking notes...

The Walkie Talkie said...

That's it- you are HIRED! Love, JB

Anonymous said...

Way to go, B! Nana and G-Dad are SO proud of you. Your mommy and daddy did a great job and our trip to Cozumel with you will be a breeze!

Love you--give Em a hug for us!!