Saturday, February 28

Happy 32nd Birthday John!

Happy Birthday John!

We celebrated John's birthday last night with his parents and the Hannon kids (Sam and Amy are out of town). We ate at La Hacienda (home of the best cheese enchilladas), ate cake and opened presents.

Emma loves to make birthday cards. On her cards, she likes to draw pictures of what the "birthday person" likes to do. John's card consisted of a picture of a camera, a family portrait and a picture of him and Emma hiking. That is the side showing in this picture. She even drew a walking stick for herself to hold because John always picks her out one when they hike around. Just had to blog it b/c it was so cute and so thoughtful.

Today is his actual birthday and per his request, we have a babysitter tonight and are headed to Hugo's with the Cramer's.

Love you so much, John! I am so glad that I have been able to spend the last 11 birthdays with you. I pray there are many, many more to come!!!


kate said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday John, We Need to reschedule a weekend for us to hang out sometime!!!!!


Melissa Darby said...

Happy Birthday Johnny boy!! Wish were there to celebrate! Miss you guys!

Milton said...

Loving the card from Em! I hope Mr. Hugo treated you right! Rain check from the Vaught's for a make-up dinn dinn? Happy happy birthday John. We're so glad to get to know you this year!