Sunday, March 1

The 80's

John and I went to Brooke's 32nd Birthday Party last weekend. It was an 80's party and so much fun! Since Brooke is a photographer we knew that many pictures would be taken. Not only were great pictures taken, but the back drop was just too perfect! The party was at Finley's parents house and the game room is splatter painted. It is awesome!

John and I didn't know eachother in the 80's, but I guess this is what we would have looked like. Let me tell you, I smelled hairspray for days after. My bangs were big.

The below picture is of our host, Brooke. Best picture of the night!


Anonymous said...

Adorable! I told you Brooke would be decked out!


Sydney said...

I just laughed so loud I scared Milly!
I LOVE this theme bday and the pics are too funny and the splatter paint background, and your friend is TOO much!! Too cute!

pink cupcake vintage said...

YAY! I totally forgot you guys had a blog! I will add you to my blogroll pronto! Ok...and the splatter paint backdrop in this photo reminds me of your kick-a playroom that we would hang out in and watch movies! It was like the kids incorporated set on least that's how I remember it! :)

Mandy said...

hilarious! you represented the 80's well :)