Sunday, January 25

Pretend Chuch

Emma has always enjoyed going to church, but she has loved it even more this year. In the preschool area, they get to all come together in a big group for songs, skits and puppets and then break off into smaller groups for story time, crafts and snacks. John does the lights and sound for Preschool Place and has been talking about trying to get some of the songs they sing, for us to have at home. He got them today and Emma was so excited. He made her a CD and while I was eating a late lunch I heard her in the playroom singing along. What a great sound to hear! A 5 year old singing to praise music.
When I went in there, she had the whole room set up like her "church". All the Barbie's (you might notice that most of them are naked. We have a very liberal church :) ), stuffed animals, little People, etc....were lined up as the kids. Emma was on the "stage" (her temporary bed on the floor) and was the song leader for the day. I joined in the audience for a while, but when they broke into small groups she told me I could leave if I needed to go get some stuff done during quiet time. So polite of her! I have a feeling she will be asking me to fix the classes a snack soon.

I love little imaginations and I love little voices singing to the Lord. It does my heart good.


aimee said...

what a wonderful story and sweet, sweet girl!

Sydney said...

I totally laughed out loud (and scared Milly to death) when I read about your "liberal church"!! Too funny.

I too love little voices and praise music. One of my favorites is when Lucy sings "I'm desperate for you"- like she knows what that means at 20 months :)

Fourgiven Momma said...

Cracked me up about your "liberal church"! Ha! I love that story!

Kyle loves to play his guitar and sing "Go tell it on the mountain" and "What can wash away my sins". So precious!

Lee said...

LOVE it all, picturing Emma praising our Lord, the naked barbies and her "asking" you to leave! Sounds like a great Sunday School morning to me! Love, JB