Tuesday, January 27

Treehuggers are Crying

With all the ice, sleet, and freezing rain (c'mon snow, get here!!), there's a lot of downed trees here in NWA, causing the treehuggers to cry. Which is funny and sad at the same time. Thankfully, we only have a small tree in the back yard (about 30% of the limbs are down). Our neighbors, however, have tons of trees and lots of work to do. Smashed sheds, privacy fences, and limbs to pick up. In particular, our favorite tree at our backyard neighbors house lost it's entire top half today. The saddest part is that this tree gives our house a TON of shade during the summer. Our air conditioning bill just went up $15/month with the loss of that tree. Bummer.

I got up and took some pictures earlier this morning. The situation has worsened since the pictures were taken...I'll add more pics later.

Our trampoline net is a solid wall of ice! I hope it doesn't tear...it's a pain to assemble!

Some of the neighbor's trees. They aren't so upright anymore. Most are supported by my back fence at the moment.

Ice coats the limbs of our Japanese Maple in the front yard. I'm pretty sure there's already another 1/2" of ice accumulation now.

A male cardinal keeps flying between trees as each one collapses.

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kate said...

Not a fan of ice! It looks pretty on the trees though! I remember the year of the ice storm in LR when we had no electricity for 5 days. It was so cold and you could trees cracking and falling all night long. It was creapy! Don't worry- your net should make it just fine. Ours like it did just fine in the ice and snow here- it was just the wind it couldn't handle. Take care and I hope your ice is gone soon with no more damage! The ER just accidentally called my cell phone and Travis is gone teaching and it is snowing and sleating here. Nice. I was very relieved when she told me it was a wrong number!