Tuesday, January 13


I am still doing "Happies", but they might not be every Monday. We'll see.
It is probably early for most to get excited about Valentine's Day, but not me. I LOVE when the Valentine decor comes out at Target each year. I refrained from buying everything that they had there. The Dollar Tree had some cute stuff as well.
I really do love Valentine's Day and the whole month of February. It is John's birthday month and my own, plus Vday Day. There are fun heart crafts to make, yummy goodies and good eating out in the month of February. So, here is to looking forward to the month of February!

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE placemats at Target! I bought 2 of these as my holiday goodie for the season.

Really, cute paper plates from the Dollar Tree. I guess I should throw a party now, huh?

Brooklyn picked these darling little Valentines to hand out to her friends at school. They are scratch and sniff and only a dollar at the Dollar Tree.

I bought this tray about 4 or 5 years ago at Target and I still smile when I get it out each year.


Grace said...

Awww! Love! Haha! We were going to get you guys those plates and placemats from Target for VDay!!! We know you well!!!

Kara said...

love the tray and the placemats. and although i work for w.m i LOVE me some target!!

Melissa Darby said...

You are on the ball! Love all your cute V-Day decor. B is super cute in her leo. Sorry to hear you are baching it this week :(
Nathan's doing a 2 week trip in Feb and I'm already stressing about it. Miss you!

Sydney said...

I love how you love Valentines day!! I thought of you at Target the other day and wondered which holiday shirts you picked for the girls this year (when I was picking them for my girls)

Allison Nelson said...

You will have to wait until Vday to see the girls outfits. Sadly, E is out growing all the toddler stuff, so I picked something from the big girl section. The stuff is just not as cute over there, BUT the Vday dress I got for her is super cute.