Thursday, January 8

Emma's Date Night

Emma got to go on a date with John and me on Tuesday night. We bought tickets for the three of us to see Wizard of Oz at Walton Art Center. We rarely BOTH get to take Emma somewhere by herself. Usually it is John and I trading off taking one on one time with each girl. We got a babysitter for B and she did great. She probably enjoyed the one on one time with Haley!

Before the musical, the girls and I made pizza for dinner. This was the first time that Brooklyn has really helped with dinner and she did really well. I thought she would be eating all the cheese or pepperoni's, but she refrained. :) When we decorate cookies, she eats more icing than what actually gets on her cookie.

The Wizard of Oz was really fun and Emma enjoyed it. The funniest thing she said the whole time was towards the beginning when Dorothy is not being very nice to her Auntie Em. Emma yells out, "I don't like her attitude!" All the ladies around us got a kick out of that.
We constantly were telling her to whisper because she doesn't know how to do that. As most of you know, the Nelson's are not ones to have indoor voices. The gene is playing its role in Emma.
Towards the end when they are trying to kill the bad witch, Emma yells out, "I want to go home. I don't like this." She snuggled up in my lap and I assured her it would end good just like the movie. It was a fun night and treat for all of us to hang out together.


Fourgiven Momma said...

How fun! As Kyle and Cade grow up I definitely want to take time to give each of them individual time with me and Mike. Also, love your hat, cute!

Anonymous said...

I like the Pick the two of you with Emma, I thought that turned out wonderful.