Monday, December 22


I am so thankful for Christmas and what this time of year brings. It seems like we make more time for family and more time for doing stuff all together. There is so much that makes me happy this time of year, so it is hard to narrow it down. My true "happies" for the week are those that were included in my super huge blog from yesterday, so you can read that if you want. I love my family and friends and I love hanging out with them.

These 3 "happies" are superficial and I know that. Nonetheless, they have made me happy:

1. Emma has needed a heavier coat to wear on these super cold days and for the snow. The coat she has had is not waterproof. I figured I would buy her an inexpensive heavy coat from Walmart or Target to get us through the season. I spotted this coat at Children's Place about a month ago and loved it. I love the hearts on one side and the silver on the other, but it was $50 which was more than I wanted to spend. When we were at the mall this past week, I stopped in to see if it was on sale. It had been marked down to $35, but also had a sign that said 50% off the marked down price. So, I was sold! They had one left in Emma's size. I also had a 15% off coupon, so the $50 coat ended up to be $16 and some change! It is a little long in the sleeves so I think she will be able to wear it next year too. I LOVE A GOOD DEAL and LOVE it even more when I wait on something and then get such a good deal!

2. I LOVE movies with my family and especially at Christmas! John and I used to frequent the movie theater during the Christmas season when it was just the 2 of us. This tradition has slowed over the past 5 years. About the time Emma was old enough to start going, we had Brooklyn. Brooklyn went to see Madagascar and did great, so today we took them both to see Bolt. I realize that we will be seeing kid movies for a while, but that is fine.

3. Speaking of movies, you local guys MUST know that the Malco theater in Springdale has cheap movies. We had not been to this theater in a while because it is not the nicest theater in NWA. We will be going to this theater much more especially when we have the girls. Monday-Thursday-all seats (matinee or night) are $4! The weekend is a little more at night, but not near as much as the other theaters. All 4 of us went to the movie and got popcorn and a drink for $20. It is sad that is considered cheap, but these days it is. John would want me to make it clear that he won't be seeing "guy" movies in Springdale because the sound is not as good. As for me, I just want the best price!

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Sydney said...

I can't wait to read the next long post but I had to comment on the good deal (I too love a great deal!) and the movie stuff- how was Bolt? We have still not taken Ryley to the theater- can't find anything I want her to see. Was Bolt worth it?