Tuesday, December 23

Gingerbread Party

For the past 7 years (I think), the Elleman's have hosted a Gingerbread Party. We all bring our goodies to make gingerbread houses or any kind of edible creation. You can bake your base before, but everything must be assembled at the party. Allyn and Aaron always make a yummy meal and the best part is the attire for the
evening: pj's! The same 7-8 couples come each year and the majority of them are couples that we only see a few times a year. It is our favorite party of the season and something we look forward to each year. At the end of the night, we all cast our votes for our favorites and fun prizes are given.

We have never won, although we always think we will! :) This year, our creation was inspired by Brooklyn's love for Snoopy. We decided to make Snoopy on top of his dog house at Christmas. It really did turn out cute, but before the voting began it all collapsed. Sad! BUT, Brooke and John were fast to take pictures before the collapse.

We sat with Brooke and Finley this year. They made an incredible ski lift that should have placed. I voted for them!

First prize went to Cory and Amanda Rogers. It was a very intricate log (pretzel rods) cabin. Cory is a builder, so we all think it is a little unfair that he is a part of the competition.

Second prize went to the Thompson's. They made a sailboat and it was my favorite. The funny thing about theirs is that the mast is made out of edible panties. Apparently, fruit roll ups were heavier than what they wanted. :)

Third prize went to Jim and Catherine (Aaron's parents). They made a Mouse House and it was very detailed and creative.


Grace said...

Funn! Snoopy looks great! Good job! Love ypi guys! Merry Christmas!

aimee said...

you guys are so creative! love the gingerbread house. you're really blessed to have such good friends.

made the reindeer project...it's a keeper!