Sunday, December 21

Christmas Fun

We have had a very fun and very busy last 10 days. We are enjoying the season and doing all kinds of Christmas activities. This is a quick (although it may be long with all the pics) run down of what we have been up to.

Friday, December 12:
The 4 of us went to eat a quick bite of dinner and then headed home for our 1st Annual Cookie Decorating. Emma and I had made the cookies that afternoon. There were no rules and no worries from me about making things look right because they were for us to enjoy and did not have to be taken anywhere. Seems like I normally let them help me cook when I need things to look a certain way. The girls got a plate of different colored icings and we had sprinkles too. It was a lot of fun!

Saturday, December 13:
Arkansas Children's Hospital was raising money by having a breakfast with Santa at the mall. We had a yummy breakfast at Garcia's, pictures with Santa, writing letters to Santa and face painting. It was a lot of fun for the girls and for a good cause. The Elleman's were leaving as we were getting there, so we snapped a picture of the kiddos together. Aren't they cute? Brooklyn is not a fan of sitting with Santa alone. This is why I was forced to be in the picture!

On Saturday night, John and I went to his office party. It was our first Christmas Party at Kellogg and we learned a lot about the night. Unfortunately, we didn't take a picture of our outfits. We had no idea it was a formal affair and were completely under dressed! It made for a good laugh between us all night long.

Sunday, December 14th:
We had our Community Group Christmas party at the Vaught's house on Sunday night. We had a yummy Mexican dinner with WAY to much food! We did a gift exchange after. Again, John and I are the newbies to the group and when told it was a "Dirty Santa" gift exchange, we pulled gifts from our giveaway pile. We felt like real shmucks when people started opening Starbucks cards and cute coffee mugs. Again (just like the office party), we will know for next year!

Monday, December 15th:
The girls and I made a fun little Santa craft. Again, they are wearing their best for a crafty Monday!

Tuesday, December 16th:
John and I got to go on a date! WooHoo! We meant to take a picture, but didn't. We ate dinner at Wasabi. We decided that it was one of our favorite dinners. Whenever we go to these kinds of places, we get random things and split it. We had edamame, chicken fried rice and California rolls. We ate everything! After dinner, we walked down to Walton Art Center to see Spamalot. It was really fun and very entertaining. The lady next to me thought everything was even funnier than we did. We laughed at her laughing the majority of the night.

Thursday, December 18th:
Emma had her preschool Christmas program. She has been singing to us for weeks, so it was fun to finally see the real show. The first picture is Emma's best little boyfriend, Davis. They have been in Mother's Day Out and preschool together since they were 1 and this will probably be the last year they go to the same school. (sniff sniff) They were all so cute up there! After, everyone had cookies and punch together.

Friday, December 19th:
We had our annual Happy Birthday Jesus Party with all of our little friends. JB is normally the host of this event, but since she is now in Colorado, Brooke took over the honor. We had yummy food, playtime and a story read by Finley . It is nice having a Christmas party for the kids that is focused on the main reason for Christmas.

Friday night, we headed to John's office for a kid's Christmas party. They had pictures with Santa and then Chickfila in the conference room. We sat with the Darby family and had fun catching up. Well, Andrea and I did. Brandon and John see eachother every day.
From there, we dropped the girls off with the Lewis' and we went to Monte Ne. It is not my favorite place to eat, but we always go with a fun crowd. The Tokar's were in town, so it was fun to hang out for a bit!

That is it for now. I will post pictures from our Annual Gingerbread Party at the Elleman's soon. It is the one party that we look so forward to every year. It is so fun getting together, being creative and eating good food!

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Two Best Pictures at the top John and the Girls making cooking oh yeah John don't forget to pay out as you eat you cookies on the fake cashier Register behind you lol...

The other picture in that same catagory up close of Emma It's Like how well do ya know me.