Wednesday, December 17

Sweet, funny moments for the day......

I didn't want to write 2 separate blogs, but wanted to post both of these things from today. 

#1-"Just Needing to Get Away"
Emma got a Leapster for her birthday and it is a GREAT toy, but so great that it is fought over quite a bit. Brooklyn doesn't know how to play, but she can turn it on, get to the screen where you can color and she can color. I couldn't find Brooklyn today and then as I
 approached their bedroom, I heard the Leapster coming from the closet. I opened it and this picture is what I saw. B had made herself comfortable in the pink bucket with the Leapster. 
I don't blame her. Sometimes I want to get a magazine (or a cookie!) and go to my closet ALONE and hide! :) 

#2-"The Manger Scene (at our House)" 
Emma was very busy today when we got home from running a few errands. I was in the kitchen making fudge (there is much stirring required) and heard her ask Brooklyn to help her. 
A little while later, they ran into the kitchen asking me to come look in the playroom. I told them I would quickly, but I had to keep stirring so the fudge wouldn't burn. I'm so glad I left what I was doing!! I went in there to find the Little People Nativity all set up with EVERY SINGLE Little Person, Barbie, LIttle Pony, and Disney figurine we own gathered around the stable. I asked what they were doing and Emma said, " Everyone wanted to come see baby Jesus be born!" 
This warmed my heart today and reminded me AGAIN that I need to slow down and enjoy my little girls and the sweet, funny things they do each and every day!


Fourgiven Momma said...

So sweet about the manger scene! I need that reminder about once an hour because it is so easy to forget what's important. I don't really listen to country music, but Mike told had me listen to this song that says something like, "you're gonna miss're gonna want these days're gonna wish these times hadn't gone by so fast..." gives me goose bumps to type it! We love our little ones!!!

kate said...

I got tears. So sweet! Annika loves coloring on the leapster too. I kind of like it too. :) I love all the figures gathered around the manger. Love to see our girls loving Jesus so early! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

I think that's pretty sound theology!

G Dad