Tuesday, October 14

Lunch with B

Emma goes to preschool on Tuesday mornings while Brooklyn and I go to a Bible study. Emma usually stays for extended care and the Cramer's bring her home so I don't have to mess with B's nap. It is a blessing and Emma loves being able to stay with her friends for a little longer.

Brooklyn and I have been coming home after Bible study on Tuesdays and having lunch together at the girls' table in the playroom. Yes, the chairs are small for me, but it is worth it. B and I don't get much one on one time together (that will all change next year), so it is fun for us. Belle joins us in the playroom and sits there waiting for a crumb to drop. You would think we didn't feed the dog.

After lunch today, I offered B a cookie. She has had an Oreo before, but today she realized that they come apart and you can lick the icing from the middle. It was messy and fun! I had a great video of her eating the Oreo, but it won't load for some reason. My tech support is out of town, so I have no one to help me. :(


Grace said...

Ha Ha! That is hilarious! Her hair is CRAZY! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to teach her you can dip them in milk too even messier.