Monday, October 13


I feel a little bad about my "happies" this week b/c many of them are materialistic things. BUT, they did make me so happy. (for our CG members who are doing FPU with Dave Ramsey-all was paid for in cash or was a gift!)

The girls and I went to a nursery to get some plants for our front flower beds. They discovered this butterfly bush. When we were there, we watched 4 butterflies make this their home. I couldn't resist so I bought it. It does get pretty big, so we will either plant it in a HUGE pot for the backyard or use it to hide the gas meter in the back. We have already had butterflies and they have made the girls and I so happy!

My very own bike! (yes, I know the wheel is not on the front) I have been borrowing a friend's bike for all of our bike excursions and now I have my own. My parents let me get it as an early Christmas present, so that I can enjoy riding in this beautiful weather! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Cute, girly rain boots! My sister got the butterfly ones for B for her bday and Emma has had the kitty ones. They make me smile when I pass them in the garage!
Did I mention how cute they are on their feet?

John and I typically do not buy Christmas presents for each other, but this year we agreed on getting the family a Wii. They are a little hard to find, but I got the last one at Target a few weeks ago. It is in hiding right now b/c we agreed to wait until closer to Christmas.
Friday night, we went out on a date and ran a few errands too. We went to Game Stop to just look around and found a WiiFit. I have never played this, but it was one of the reasons I wanted a Wii. It is REALLY hard to find and random that we went to Game Stop on the day they got one in stock. John bought it for me and I bought him Mario Cart. The waiting until Christmas thing is getting harder and harder. Especially when I think how useful the WiiFit would be to help me keep off those holiday pounds! :)


Grace said...

So fun!! I will be at your house every day playing Wii-Fit!!! I love the butterfly plant!

Anonymous said...

Yea John told me about the Wii Allison I laughed so hard. Now I am asking for a wii for christmas all my family has one and they all love it. Sucker on the Wii. Too John he will get that.


Sarah said...

I want a Wii fit, too! I didn't even think about looking at Game Stop or Exchange... maybe we can have Mommy Wii Fit parties :)

Melissa Darby said...

Yay Dave Ramsey-- we are big fans.
Okay, I need to know about the WiiFit. Fill me in..