Friday, October 17

WiiFit For Sale

We bought a WiiFit last weekend and I posted about it on Monday. Then this week, John get an offer from a co-worker about buying hers. It is cheaper and has barely been used. We are going to do that and save $50.

WiiFit is hard to find, so before we return it to GameStop, we thought we might see if anyone in Blogger land is looking for one and wants to buy ours. It has not been opened and we bought it for $89.99 + tax. Leave a comment if you are interested in buying it from us!


Fourgiven Momma said...

Great deal you guys got! The lady in line in front of me at Toyrus wanted one...I bet you'll find a taker no problem! Maybe you could try Craigslist if no takers from the blog?

Fourgiven Momma said...

Duh, I just realized you said "before you take it back". I was thinking you couldn't return it so nevermind my Craigslist idea :-)

Grace said...

We are!!!! I would LOVE that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it's already taken by the old folks! John's shipping it this week. We need "winter" activity when it gets too cold for daily walking outdoors!

We'd looked everywhere and couldn't find one--until we read the blog!!