Wednesday, October 8

Krispy Kreme Treat

Brooklyn had her 2 year check up today + flu shot. Emma also got the Flu Mist while we were there. Emma opted for the Flu Mist and it was much less dramatic than last year's shot.

Brooklyn weighed in at 26 pounds and 34 3/4" tall. In 6 months, she has grown 4 inches and gained 2 pounds. I thought she was looking taller! She is now in the 25% for her height and b/t 25-50% for weight.

I love comparing my girls growth, so when we got home I got out Emma's stats from this age. What is interesting is that B has always been just slightly bigger than Em in all areas. This time was different. B is 1 1/4" taller, but 2 pounds lighter than what Emma was at age 2.

Dr. Jason said that Brooklyn looked great and was doing well. I think she should be talking more, but she understands SOOO much that he is not concerned and thinks she will start soon. I do have to remember that she has a very talkative older sister to compete with and who often likes to talk for her!

I told the girls we would go for a treat after our appointment. We are never near Krispy Kreme, but since we were today, we went for a Halloween donut! They were so cute and the girls loved them. I did too!! I figured a few extra calories for my hard work at the doctor was ok. :)

Excuse our blog! It is under construction and I made the mistake of deleting our old format. (John to the rescue!) I hate that there is not a hyperlink from our header to see all the posts. The HOME button below each post will get you there for now.


kate said...

So fun! can you come take my girls for their shots at the end of OCt? I am dreading it! And Olivia has at least two more dentist appts here involving shots and one in LR. Ugh. Poor thing. The donuts look so fun! Ok, did you do that to your blog? I love the flower thing! HOW DO YOU CHANGE A BLOG? I have searched and tried and I don't know! I love the flowers!!

Grace said...

That is a great combination of the girls on the new blog thing! i love it! So cute! Glad you guys were ok with the drama level! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Yeah they won't be sleeping for a while with all that sugar in those doughnuts.. Have fun tonight getting them to go to sleep.


The Walkie Talkie said...

LOVE the picture! What a FUN idea!