Thursday, August 14

Mud Creek Trail Bike Riding

After dinner last night, we decided to take Emma to the Mud Creek Trail in Fayetteville to practice riding her bike. The whole family went, including Belle. Lord knows that dog loves a good walk! Last time we tried taking bikes to a trail, Brooklyn ditched hers after about 15 feet and walked the rest of the time. This time, we put her in the stroller, which she pleasantly enjoyed. Emma rode her bike like a champ, with only one little fall after doing figure 8's. I took my camera and caught the highs and lows. Pictures at the end.

The Mud Creek Trail is a really fantastic trail! It's 2.1 miles long, and winds around between Paradise Valley Golf Course and the Target store in Fayetteville. Also, the actual creek is pretty cool. It's now on my places to visit with my camera (I'm getting a pretty long list!). Anyway, if you're looking for a nice place to stroll, jog, ride bikes, or explore a cool creek, give Mud Creek Trail a won't regret it!


Anonymous said...

Great pics and good color on them for a minute I thought I saw leaves falling around Emma on her bike but realized it was just limbs on the pavement good pics though. First pic Emma should I look at the camera, Second Pic alright dad you can stop now, Third Pic See what you made me do dad I told you to stop taking pics.


Hots said...

What great pictures...!!!

Grace and Nana said...

I love the pic. of Emma crying! At first we thought she was smiling! But, she wasn't! :)