Saturday, August 16

A Fantastic Saturday Morning

We discovered the Mud Creek Trail the other night and loved it. (see previous post) Last night we decided we would get up in the morning and go back out there. We parked and Emma rode her bike and John and I strolled Brooklyn down to Panera for breakfast. We ate a yummy breakfast/brunch and then rode some more. John wanted to take some pictures down in the creek, so we all hiked down in there and played around for a bit. I'm sure John will post some of his pictures later. These are just a few I took with the little camera.

I love "walking towns", like Seaside, but also the big "walking cities" like Chicago and NYC too. Today, felt like we lived in a small walking town. I loved parking a bike and stroller at the door of Panera and eating breakfast. It was quaint. I loved being with my family, outside. I loved that it was only 78 degrees with a breeze in the middle of August. I loved hearing the sounds of nature when Emma was quiet enough to let us listen. :) It was a great family morning.

After we left the creek, we headed back for the car. This one butterfly landed on Emma's shoe and stayed there for a bit. Then he flew to her bike helmet. Then he flew to John's back. The butterfly stayed on either John or Emma for about 10 minutes back to our car. We were going to bring him home, but sadly he flew off when we got in the car. All 4 of us were amazed by him and the fact that he just wanted to hang out with us.

Jesus, thank you for a great "family morning". It was perfect. We needed that today.

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Travis said...

I want to move back and enjoy a great family morning there, too! I was going to e-mail you today, but Travis was using both computers for work. And then my photoshop software came today. I spent way too long learning nothing. Thankfully trav found a really great tutorial. I then learned something and now i can go to bed feeling happeier. Hopefully I will get to e-mail you tomorrow!
Kate (I was too lazy to log Trav off and put me on!)