Monday, August 4

Kid Pics

Allison and I watched Bret & Jayme Walker's kids (Molly & Morgan) tonight. It was their 7 year anniversary. Molly and Emma are good friends, and play really well together. Brooklyn just wants to do whatever they're doing (typical "little sister" syndrome). Thankfully, with 3 enthusiastic girls around and playing dress up, it provided me with some good photo opportunities. And a chance to practice my post-processing skills. Here are some of the pictures from the evening...the girls were toast at the end of the night! And a Happy Anniversary to the Walker's!


Allison Nelson said...

FYI-Sweet Morgan didn't make many pictures b/c she was sleeping the majority of the time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping our kiddos. I'm not sure what all you did but they were tired this morning. Molly did not get out of bed until 9 am which was a nice treat!!!


Holly said...

These pictures are awesome! I love your talent!