Monday, July 28


Well, you are looking at Happy #1. The new look to our blog. I'm a simple girl and all I really wanted was a little color to our blog. So, my lovely husband added a little "umph" to our blog and a new header with pictures of the girls.

I LOVE cupcake/muffin liners. I always get new ones for the holidays and special events. These are the ones I have been using for the summer. Emma and I make Weight Watcher Pumpkin Muffins around here every couple of weeks. They are good for you, easy, and SOOOOO yummy.

Brooklyn has this one crease/chubby roll on her leg that is irresistible. It makes me smile. I know she won't want to keep it forever, but I sure will be sad when it fades away. AND, to add to the fun it is one of her most ticklish places.

I love my cuddle time with Brooklyn in the morning while she drinks her milk. Emma is usually on the couch, but she really wanted to be in the picture with us.
The only down side to this fun routine is when we really need to get out the door in the morning and I can't sit with B, she is VERY sad. In sad, I mean very cranky.

I love when the girls entertain each other and get laughing together. This is just one example that happened outside on the trampoline this week. I was able to catch it on video.


Emily said...

Love the new look!! And I was DYING laughing at the gymnastics video, that one is a classic!!

The Merediths said...

Ooooo...pumpkin muffins. Sounds yummy. I could never do a back roll, either. Ems is doing great!