Tuesday, July 22

Kids Will Put Anything in Their Mouth (aka It Wasn't Mine!)

I recently started a photography business. Specifically, I'm focusing on kids sports photography, but am willing to give anything a try. There's my plug, and the background needed for the following story.

A story entitled "Kids Will Put Anything in Their Mouth (aka It Wasn't Mine!)"

I went to take some pictures of a few T-ball games for the Cramer's. While standing around talking after the game, all the kids were climbing around underneath the bleachers. Parents would glance around long enough to see if their kid(s) were about to die, but we pretty much kept the conversation the main focus. While talking with the McGooden's, I hear Allison tell Brooklyn "Stop...don't put that in your mouth!"


"Oh gosh! STOP!"

I look over to see Brooklyn with a mouthful of brown stuff. Apparently, one of the parents (NOT ME!) took their big plug of Copenhagen and tossed it under the bleachers...where my 2 year old was playing. Brooklyn just stood there, mouth WIDE open whining, while Allison frantically dug out my daughter's first dip. We got a wet wipe and cleaned her off (externally and inside the mouth). When everything calmed back down, about 5 parents turned and look right at me.

"It wasn't mine!"

That night, Brooklyn was suspiciously wired at bedtime. I think she had her first buzz. Or she was having withdrawal. Here's some pictures.
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Hots said...

I KNEW I loved that girl!! :)You tell her that she can find her next fix in Texas!:)

Erica said...

Oh, NO!

Kate said...

How funny and so gross at the same time. Olivia once ate a Gerber star puffy thing off the floor of Toys R Us and Annika (just the other day while Travis was out of town for his first trip) licked the bathroom wall in Kroger while I was helping Oliiva. I just had to forget it. I mean what do you do? That is fun you started a photography business! Maybe you can take pics of Olivia when she is a Razorback cheerleader. Will you please cut us a deal? We will have two girls in college then and money could be tight! Jus thinking ahead!:)

Sarah said...

See the bad habits you are already setting?

How did I miss that?!

Melissa Darby said...

NU UH! That is wrong on so many levels :)