Monday, July 21


I never thought Emma would stick her head under, but she is practically swimming by herself. She is so proud of herself. It does my heart good. We are at my sister's pool here and she is swimming to "T". My sister's husband.

There is nothing better than coming home, after being gone for a week, to these two.

Claire! I loved getting to hang out with her all week long. Emma figured out how to get her to laugh and did it over and over and over and over.........Brooklyn would just keep bringing her toys. It was sweet.

I love parallel parking! It is a secret about me that most of you probably don't know. Well, Allyn does b/c we learned together in driver's ed with Coach Russell.

Fayetteville Farmer's Market is a Saturday morning tradition for us. We do not make it every Saturday, but we try when we can. There is a little bit of everything there. I can't resist the pretty flowers. We also came home with some blackberries and REALLY good organic chocolate chip cookies (3 large cookies for $1.50).


The Merediths said...

Will you teach me how to parallel park better? I really avoid any situation where I must parallel park. I've even not gone into a store I wanted to visit because parallel parking spaces were the only option. Conway's driver ed class didn't go over that as extensively as PA might have....

Allison Nelson said...

I would love to teach you. Our teacher gave us little things to remember with each turn. It is really easy!
Sorry we didn't get to see each other in LR. Hopefully we can ALL get together next time.

Hots said...

Yay for Emma!! What a good little fish! I miss you and love you much!

Ace and Rainbow said...

I say this every week, but I love this post!
Ummm... and I love to parallel park too. In college my roommate would get out and let me park it. One of my secret loves and something I rarely get to do here in suburbia :)