Wednesday, July 23

I love doggie ears!

Today was my first attempt to get Brooklyn's hair in dog ears (or pig tails, whatever you like to call them). It was too cute not to post! She actually kept them in for a full 3 1/2 hours until I took them out for her nap.

I could not help but think of Emma's first day with dog ears. She was 27 months old (her hair grew much slower than B's) and oh, so cute. It was fun to dig up this picture.
It is also scary because I rarely think Emma and I look alike, but this picture is totally me as a little girl.


Ace and Rainbow said...

LOVE them! So cute how you can get the sides up in them too!

And of course, I love the looking back at E's pics. She does look like you!

Two Sisters said...

Your girlies are so cute! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog:).


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Allison, I think Emma looks so much like you. :) Both girls, way cute. I can hardly wait for pig tails at our house.

Anonymous said...

~Kristin (forgot, sorry!)