Sunday, July 27

Determination at its Best

Emma missed gymnastics a couple weeks ago because we were in Little Rock. You can make up a lesson during the week or go to Open Gym on Friday night. We decided to go to Open Gym this weekend. This is the first time that Brooklyn has been able to play down in the gym on all the stuff. The two of us are normally watching up in the observation area. She had a blast and I'm sure is going to be tons of fun on Wednesday when she has to go up top and not into the gym. She LOVED falling into the foam blocks (and stacking them), jumping on the trampoline and just running free.

Emma was trying so hard to do a back roll , but she can't quite get over by herself yet. You have to give the girl credit for trying!!! I am so glad John was filming because this was funny. (sorry that you have such a lovely view of my big rear at the end)

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