Saturday, July 12


This post is coming before the normal Monday "happies" because I will be out of town and unable to post pictures. The girls and I are headed to Little Rock for the week to visit my family. Emma is going to go to Vacation Bible School at my parent's church (also the church I grew up in) in the mornings. Brooklyn, my Mom and I will hang out while Emma is there. We are also hoping to see some friends that live in LR now. Our trips are usually so short that the only people we see are family.
These are some of the "happies" from my week:

Brooklyn has the BEST bed head after naps. It makes me smile. As Emma says, "Mom, her hair is CRAAAAZY!"

Rainy day quiet times are the best. Emma likes to make a "pilot" (aka-pallet of blankets) on the floor and watch a movie. I was caught up on some of my stuff that I normally do during nap time/quiet time so I watched with her.

There is nothing better than a brand new box of 64 crayons. I was more excited than Emma, but she loves them too. ($2.00 at Target this week)

This is my favorite wall in our house. It is the playroom wall and it has 16 clear acrylic frames and is filled with artwork that Emma and Brooklyn have done. It makes me happy every day!!

John and I were able to take Emma to see Wall-E today. We had a sitter come over to stay with Brooklyn. So, that is a "happie" within itself. A special day with Em, doing something that she loves. While we were watching the movie, I heard 3 funny kid statements yelled out.

#1-I need a new diaper!!!!!
#2-Dad, I tooted!!!
And this last one is from my dear, sweet one. I must preface by saying that she thinks you call "bras", boobs. So, Wall-E is going through the trash and finds an old, yucky bra.
Emma says loudly, "Look, a broken boob!"
Ah, the things that kids say. Always honest. You have to appreciate that.

On a not so happy note, Brooklyn has bit holes in all of her pacifiers. I just can't keep buying pacis, so I have a feeling this week in LR might be a week of no pacis. I know all my speech pathologist friends out there are saying, "You should have taken it away at 12 months anyway."
We took Emma's away when she was 22 months old (B is 21 months) only b/c she was putting the whole thing in her mouth. B is much more attached. You can say some prayers for us.


Josh & Margo said...

We loved Wall-E.

Nana said...

Allison, I'm so glad that you're my grandbabies' momma. I love that you appreciate and treasure each and every little thing they do!


Kate said...

I wish I was going to LR with you! Olivia asked after church if we were driving to LR today. I have to admit I am thankful we are not driving there today! :) That sounds like too much! I LOVE your wall of pics. I am getting those! Where did you get the frames. Olivia makes at least 5 pics a day and I don't have anywhere to put them. I have the perfect wall. I was going to say something else, but I don't remember. I will check your blog and then write more if I think of it!

Kate said...

Ok, about the pacis. I am not a speech pathologist, so I will give you some info I find valuable. Please feel free to ditch the pacis or you can buy the brown rubber ones. They last longer. Annika has only destroyed one of those in 6 months. We don't even buy the clear kind b/c she goes through them so quickly. Annika doesn't use hers in the day anymore. This morning she brought it to me and said, I don't need this. I a big giwl now. Oh, I hear her hollering. Time to rescue her from her nap. I can't wait. I love to get her. She makes me constantly laugh.

Ace and Rainbow said...

I LOVE the happies posts. And I am loving the wall of artwork. So very Al.

Ummm... I am one of your speech path friends and I don't fault you for the pacis at all. My kids all have had them only at bedtime since they were 6 mos old but Ryley had hers until almost 3 years old. I had wanted to take it away at 2, but the twins came. Now I keep planning on taking away the twins' pacis, but the new baby is coming. You know, it will be okay whenever, but don't beat yourself up if she keeps it for sleeping for a little longer. My only speech path advice would be to not let them have it while awake so they can max on talking :) You are doing GREAT!

Ace and Rainbow said...

Sorry that was the longest comment ever!
Have fun in LR-

Grace and Amy said...

B is so CUTE!