Monday, July 7


My friend, Amber, does a "Happies" blog each week. I look forward to reading it every Friday. I'm following her lead and going to start my own "Happies" blog each Monday. I am hoping this will make me more aware of the things (big and small) that bring me joy in my life.

Nescafe Ice Java-Chocolate Mocha. I mix this in my milk EVERY morning. It is my coffee. I have been addicted for about 2 1/2 years.

Changing to a new month on my cute calendar. Cary Collins lives in Little Rock and paints these. You can have one too!

I love the look of wheat grass and have always wanted to try to grow some in a container. I finally found the seed at a Feed Store in Springdale. Emma and I planted the seeds last Wednesday. 5 days later, we have major growth.

Opening this container and finding fresh blueberries and strawberries!

My sweet girls. We don't have many pictures of them standing side by side. This is also a good representation of Brooklyn always wanting to do what Emma is doing.

Putting new pictures on my "picture thing" in the kitchen.


Ace and Rainbow said...

LOVE this post and this idea. I may have to steal it sometime. Not sure what I think about your fake coffee substitute (coming from a real coffee drinker) but I may have to try it sometime.

And your house is always so perfectly decorated. I mean, I know you are an interior designer, but still... come decorate mine!!

Amber said...

I love it!!!

Allison said...

That is a cute picture thing! Where is it from??? ...I'm Emily's friend, Allison :)

Allison Nelson said...

The cute "picture thing" was a gift a few years ago from my sister. I do know that she got it at one of my favorite stores in Little Rock, Haus Werks.
As for the coffee substitute. It is pretty much an iced mocha (just a milder form) or you can make a frozen one. I never go to the trouble to get out the blender.