Sunday, June 15

Fun Weekend in Little Rock

The girls and I left on Thursday to go to Little Rock for my Mom's birthday. John met us there Friday night to spend the rest of the weekend. We spent a lot of time in my parent's backyard. The girls love wandering through the garden and helping my Mom water flowers. We also played with our $1 store purchases every evening.

John and I went to hear Heypenny on Friday night at Juanita's. Ben and John were roommates in college. I had never heard them live and it was really fun. I got to visit some with my old roomie from college, Lindsay, in between all the songs. You can't beat live music, good friends, and margaritas. Did I mention that John and I got home at 1:00AM. It was VERY hard waking up at 7:00 to take care of little ones. It was worth it.

John and Terral went to play golf together on Saturday afternoon. My Mom and I took the girls to my sister's house to swim. It was Claire's first swim, so I was happy to be a part of the occasion. My girls LOVED being in the water. Emma was in there for about 2 hours straight. Brooklyn played around for about an hour, but then had to go take a nap. She was not happy about getting out, but she zonked out very quickly. I wish we could go swimming there every day this summer.

Our favorite babysitter, Amanda, graduated from college this year and moved to North LIttle Rock. Although we are sad to not have her up here anymore, we are glad to have a sitter in Little Rock. She came over to my parent's house to babysit Emma, Brooklyn, and Claire on Saturday night. My parents, Cathy and Terral, and John and I went to eat an AWESOME dinner for my Mom's birthday/Father's Day. It was a treat to just be with the 6 of us and not have to talk over kiddos.

Father's Day started with the girls and I going to McDonald's to get John and sausage McGriddle. We went to church with my family and then ate some lunch. We headed back here to finish off the Father's Day. We love you John!


kate said...

I love the pics- esp. Brooklyn on the floatie mat! I want to blow that up and put it on my wall. Toddlers crack me up. My toddler is losing her baby belly. NOOOOOOO... too fast! Did you have fun at the concert in Fay? I am jealous you got to see Heypenny. They are staying with us on Sun. night, but not playing in Columbus. Just 4 boys in our house. Hope that works out well! Sorry to write on here, but I am so tired I can't go back to e-mail! Wish we were in LR to play!So glad you had such a great weekend!!

Amy and Grace said...

Broooklyn was just livin' the life on that pool mat! She looked so relaxed!