Wednesday, June 11

Happy Anniversary to Us (Yesterday)!

Yesterday, John and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We decided to treat ourselves to Ruth's Chris for dinner. John casually mentioned to his boss yesterday that it was our anniversary and Brandon VERY NICELY told John to put our dinner on the company. John has had to work some longer hours on the weekends lately and also came up with a way to make the weekend work easier, so he rewarded John with a free dinner for both of us. Isn't that so nice??? Thank you Brandon! It is not an inexpensive place to eat, so it really was a treat. Although, it was pretty good, we decided that we will stick with Bordino's for our future special dinners. It is a treat within itself to not have to talk over children and cut up special food. We had a great time together. Our anniversary will continue on September 13th in Tulsa when we see American Idol Live! We gave each other tickets. We know we are dorks, but we love it. You can't knock the concert until you go. We went 3 years ago and it was a really great show. We figure this might be the cheapest way we ever see David Cook since he will be big time soon.

In honor of our anniversary, Emma and I watched our wedding video yesterday. It was fun and I got asked some really funny questions. This was one of our conversations, but I will preface it first by saying that Emma has recently decided that she does not want a baby of her own b/c she would have to go to the hospital and get a shot.

Emma: I don't want to get married.
Me: Why not?
Emma: Because then I would have to go to the hospital and get a shot to have a baby.
Me: (laughing) You don't have to have a baby just because you are married. You can just be married.
Emma: Okay, I will do that then.


Ace and Rainbow said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys look so glamorous Al!
I also love watching our video with Ryley. She always wants me to put on my white dress. Ummmmm.... I don't think so :)

Allison Nelson said...

Syd, I think you are used to seeing pictures of me unshowered and in my play clothes with the girls. I'm not sure we are glamorous, but I am showered and in a dress. :)

Anonymous said...

happy day!!!!!!! happy anniversary!
can't wait to hear all about the concert.
love ya'll!