Tuesday, May 20

Razorback Strawberries

On our way home this afternoon, I glanced over at the fresh produce stand right near our house and the sign I have been waiting for was up. ARKANSAS STRAWBERRIES. I don't know what it is, but they are just the best. About 3 times smaller than the California ones that Walmart sells and they just taste SO good. I turned on my blinker quickly and turned in. Emma asked what we were doing and I told her we were getting some Arkansas strawberries. We washed them when we got home and the 3 of us sampled a few. The girls had a few more on their plates at dinner and John had some with sugar after dinner. I saved mine for after the girls went to bed and treated myself to vanilla ice cream and strawberries. YUM! Anyway, this conversation happened after dinner as John was eating his strawberries:

Emma: Do you like strawberries?
John: Yes, I love them.
Emma: You know we got those today. They are Razorback strawberries.

This girl knows her heritage.


Ace and Rainbow said...

I want some razorback strawberries!! I am on a huge berry kick right now and thanks to this post I polished off the entire package of strawberries at our house tonight. Too bad they were only Kroger Strawberries :)

Anonymous said...

What I'm pissed no pics of Razorback Strawberries so did they look like the hog or what I'm taking it? Never seen them!!!!


Kate said...

This reminds me of the other day when Olivia was getting sad about getting married and moving away. :) She said, "Mama, I can't move far. I will just live here and be a Razorback cheerleader." That would be interesting.